Top 10 Movement Fitness Gurus;


(Not in any particular ranking order. They are all awesome!)

The term Movement Training is so broad, it can cover many aspects of exercise. It provides the scope for self expression. This has lead to many different styles and ideas about how to exercise, train, move and develop.

This article is about highlighting the leaders of fitness, health and movement culture. Each guru has their own area of specialisation and much can be learned from every single one of them. We hope to help as many as we can discover a border approach to health and fitness.

Based in California, Kellen coaches mindful movement based fitness. Kellen’s work is a great resource for anyone new to movement training. If you are looking for movement exercise ideas and ways to create movement based workouts, Kellen’s guided movement practice sessions are defiantly very well worth checking out.

Kellen’s is the creator of “Movement Parallels Life.” A growing YouTube channel backed up with a website that takes you deeper into a “holistic and integrative approach that blends physical, mental, and emotional fitness through organic movement.”

In 1999 the martial arts documentary CHOKE was published. It followed Rickson as he prepars and defendeds his title as the Vale Tudo (pre UFC Japanese mixed martial arts tournament) Champion. CHOKE also some of his challengers as they prepared and attempt to take his title. There is a part of the documentry where you see how Rickson trains. Before the label of “Movement Training” existed, Rickson had developed a movement style that combine elements of Yoga and Jiu Jutsu.

There is a part in choke where Rickson talks about flow state. He also shows his breathing practices as well as a beautiful and artistic freestyle movement flow on the beach. It is difficult not to be totally inspired and I believe everyone else mentioned on this list has been influenced by Rickson.

Erwin is the founder of MoveNat. MoveNat is responsible for educating individuals in movement but also teaching fitness professionals how to coach and instruct natural movement. As a Qualified Personal Trainer and fitness professional, I understand how building the tools to actually teach and instruct something that is as broad as Natural Movement is a challenge and therefore a company like MoveNat is very important to Movement Culture.

From free online videos to in person camps in different locations around the world, Erwin’s vision to help people reclaim their nature, live a fit, happy, healthy lifestyle and athletes reach peak physical condition lads him a firm spot on this list.

EERO WESTERBERG Eero is a YouTuber, blog writer, martial arts enthusiast, fitness coach and co-founder of VAHVA Fitness along side Samuli T.Jykinen. If you search for anything to do with movement training on youtube, you will likely come across his awesome content.
One thing we love about Eero, is his open, student-like attitude towards training and exercise. Despite being incredibly accomplished, Eero is still on a journey to grow, learn and improve. This comes across beautifully on his YouTube Vlog series, where he documents his 2017-2019 travels around the world training with some incredible coaches and masters. He also provides online coaching as well as reat Interviews, Exccise Inspiration and Movement Training on his YouTube channel. @movement20xx

If you know nobody else on this list, the chances are you have heard of Ido Portal. He is perhaps the reason for the most growth in Movement Based Fitness in the last five years. His beautiful Movement Practice video clips are highly inspiring as they showcase what the upper potential of what human body is capable of .

Deeper than just exercising for aesthetics, his philosophy on Movement, Health and Training can be described as a truly well rounded approach to lifetime fitness. From professional baseball pitchers to world champion MMA fighters, he trains athletes from all over the world and his private movement camps are very popular. There is an episode of the London Real Interview of Ido that we recommend anyone that is more curious about Ido should watch.

Ryan has a Martial Arts and gymnastics background. He competed in gymnastics for 10 years, and holds black belts in Judo, Shorinji Kempo and Kendo. These days, Ryan is co founder and head coach at GMB Fitness and one of the faces of their YouTube channel. Ryan has a very natural and easy teaching style that come across well in his videos.

Ryan is a proponent of Physical Autonomy. This is the idea that you listen to the body by performing some fundamental movements. You can then have an informed idea of what you need to work on, the intensity you should work as well as when to rest and recover. The idea is that this will build long term fitness that keep the body functional for as long as possible.

Also known as the Ice Man, Wim has defied traditional science proving that the body is capable of much more than we imagined. Wim uses breathing techniques as  the gateway to master higher potential. When you combine his breathing with exposure to challenging environments (such as extreme cold) the  body is is capable of unlocking abilities that the comfort of every day modern life never awaken. This is also known as the Wim Hof Method.

The unique thing about the Wim Hof Method is that it combines mental elements of fitness with the physical and most fitness gurus tend to focus mainly on the physical. Wim’s feats include, running a half marathon bare foot, in shorts and  in the arctic circle and running a marathon in the Namib Desert without drinking any water also wearing only shorts. He is an individual very worth taking note of as he has much to teach us.


Altho Steve calls himself a strength and conditioning coach, his years of experience in Functional Fitness and Gracie Jiu Jitsu earns him a place on this list. Steve lives a minimal fitness travel lifestyle, traveling from country to country as a guest instructor where he shares his knowledge of sustainable fitness and nutrition.

Steve is an example of what a lifetime of health and fitness can do for the body and mind. His philosophies are shared insightfully through several podcasts, his blog, seminars and training programs which you can access via his website. His content is a good bridge for anyone who wants to add some mobility and movement into their workouts coming from a body building background.

Mike is the founder of Animal Flow. Animal flow is exploading right now. Social media is full of animal flow practitioners and we are starting to see more and more people encorperte animal flow or animal flow type movement exercises into their workout shedules. Animal flow can be described kind of dynamic yoga influenced by animal movements such as ape, crab, scorpion etc.

Movement sequences can be created out of these animal movements that take the joints through its full range of movement as well as working the muscles of body from head to toe. It’s a lot of fun especually in a class envinroment where sequences can be performed in unison with other movers. Animal Flow has some very cool online workshops that we recommend for anyone looking to take break out of exercise stagnancy or boredom.


Tj Thatguylst happens to be me, the author of this blog. It may seem like a shameless plug for me to feature myself in this post however, I ask for you to read on as I plan to validate my listing. 

I am the founder of and put together a resource across several platforms evangelising Movement Culture. This is because I have found a life changing benefit in the pursuit of health and fitness. I want to share these benefits with you.

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Jonathan Last – @jonathan_last

The above honourable mentions all have solid movement training content that is very well worth checking out. Some might say they belong on the Top 10 list itself. If there is anyone you feel I have left off the list please use the comments to let me know.

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