Top 10 Movement Fitness Gurus

Movement is so broad it covers many areas. It also provides the scope for individuals and groups to put their own twist, influence and focus on how it can be used, applied and shared.We thought we would pay some homage, show some love and put together a list of the people who we value in the movement training and exercise community. This listed has no particular order of priority. We simply hope it helps you discover more about the movement community.


Modern life has many comforts that help make life easier for us. Comfort is something that is always desired when it comes to choosing the best kind of shoes to exercise in.-Potential damage cause by normal shoes.
-Benefits of Exercising With Bare Foot Shoes.
-The best bare foot shoe options available today.
-How to transition from normal shoes to bare feet shoes safely.


The word movement covers so much that it can be confusing to define precisely in the context of training and exercise. It can vary from individual to individual and it can be customised to suit a particular goal or task. In this post we are going to define it from the all elements fitness perspective and talk about its benefits, history and why you should incorporate it into your workout schedule.